Brandon Makes is a mountain made designer with a cross-discipline between print and interactive design. Focused on human experience, Makes works to define the form and function of communication across a multitude of mediums.

Brandon is based in the city of Denver with a strong foothold in the Colorado mountains. Born in the mountains, raised by the outdoors, and shaped by the ski and snowboard industry.

Brandon Makes stems from a focus and desire for creation. Designers are at the forefront of innovation, with the opportunity to be those pushing the boundaries. Brandon Makes strives to honor that opportunity each day by creating, building, and crafting something that is new. Something with substance. Something that adds not noise, but quality and clarity to the world.

  • Skills
  • User Experience
  • Interaction Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Design
  • Web Design
  • Design Direction
  • Aspired Projects
  • Coffee Shop Brand
  • Social Media Project
  • Streetwear Brand Website
  • Scientific Lab Brand
  • Lifestyle Shop Brand
  • Food Truck Brand

Photo by Luca Venter